Front End Developer

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs
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I'm Mike

A self-taught Web Developer with an increasing portfolio following a drastic career change from the travel industry.

The Web has always been my passion and I live for the opportunity to work with people who share the same love for the internet and technology.

I currently have a great understanding of HTML and CSS, and intermediate level of Javascript. Within a few weeks I hope to be introducing myself to the React framework.

My knowledge comes from resources such as FreeCodeCamp, CodeAcademy, Wes Bos' Tutorials, Udemy, Sololearn and, where I've built strong knowledge of the latest industry standards and best practices.

My Skills

I write clean, readable mark-up with HTM5
I make things look pretty with CSS3
I stay organised with Sass
I put the 'fun' in 'function with Javascript
I add neat little animations with jQuery
I have a little experience with some back-end through NodeJS
I understand version-control with GIT
I believe sharing is caring with Github
I understand version-control with GIT


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